Sunday, May 21, 2006

Getting Creative in Philadelphia

Here is an interesting article about accelerating innovation in Philadelphia:

Philadelphia Business Journal - April 7, 2006 by Bernard Dagenais

The buzz surrounding the so-called "creative economy" has been around for years. Authors have made good money exalting artists. Now, the issue is coming to roost in Philadelphia, which will soon hold a Global Creative Economy Conference Summit.

The summit, which is being produced by the city-backed economic development group Innovation Philadelphia, provides the region with an opportunity to help mold creativity into a stronger economic force.

Peggy Amsterdam, president of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, thinks Philadelphia business leaders are missing something important and should be helping to drive the growth of the region's creative economy.

"This is something that the corporate community should be talking about, thinking about, promoting and seeding," said Amsterdam, who was one of the leaders of a group that set out to capitalize on the region's creative economy assets three years ago as part of a "Roadmap for Regional Growth." Read more.


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