Monday, June 12, 2006

The Kahn Brothers: Innovation at the Intersections of Science, Technology and Design

Last week we met with Ted Kahn, Founding Director, DesignWorlds Bay Area Science Education Collaboratory. Ted lead a workshop for Cleveland Museum of Art staff sharing his approaches to learning, creativity, visualization and cognitive science.

Ted thinks alot about new ways of connecting existing resources and assets - such as the plethora of treasures museums curate - by creating virtual work spaces kids can self-create to explore and innovate. Teacher national standards are taken into space design and function; as well as methods to promote transparency to facilitate connecting and leveraging diverse areas of project content.

Ted says the biggest problem is sustainable engagement. This is certainly the commonly missing part of the education puzzle today and it is what Open Source Economic Development is all about: leveraging new practices and tools to strengthen process catalyzing unprecedented and exponential growth in innovation and entrepreneurship. And in a networked world, building from the core to the edges.

Visit the San Francisco Exploratorium - a virtual platform focused on inquiry, stimulating kids to develop different perceptions enabling their ability to move forward. The material strengthens the connection between science, art and human perception.

Ted's brother, Ned Kahn, creates kinetic sculptures. These are awesome learning modules that express design, nature and offer a hands on approach to learning about natural systems. Visit his work here.

You can read more about Ted's work and visit some of the outstanding institutions he works with below:

Ted M. Kahn, Ph.D., President and CEO/Chief Learning Officer, DesignWorlds for Learning, Inc./DesignWorlds for College
20370 Town Center Lane, Suite #235, Cupertino CA 95014 Tel: 408.252.2285 Fax: 408.516.9920 Cell: 408.569.4875

Founding Director, Bay Area Science Education Collaboratory
Adjunct Faculty, Foothill College— Krause Center for Innovation
NMC Fellow : New Media Consortium
CSTS Fellow, Center for Science, Technology & Society
Santa Clara University


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