Thursday, July 13, 2006

07-11-06 LIVE NOTES: Tuesdays@FUTURE


How can a city be catalyst and do something that comes out of grass roots? Cleveland is unique in virtual reality and gaming.

January forms working committee to review “best practices”, case studies/action plants to create hybrid commune/entertinmanet complex

In March – CIA, CASE & City of Cleveland present proposal to Third Frontier

Key Players: CIA/Case, NASA
How to capitalize: build some industries

WT Grant Bldg. site – downtown – 3 doors down from House of Blues (May Co. side of the Euclid Avenue). Bowling alley going in on E. 14th – comedy club – unique area for an entertainment center. Fits in with the idea of “live, work, play”. With Playhouse Square/idea center - more and more professionals moving downtown.

When you come into Center you will use a debit card – card will control everything you do. Attached to cell phone
Main station and multi stations against wall (east) to decide what to play
2 story incubator area for collaboration & gaming development - pay by the month
Poker tables
Western wall – one mainstream wall to play games on the wall. 11:00 at night will cost less than AM

Now in discussion about what kind of gaming technology will be in Center and how much it will cost. Working with Microsoft as well as other companes. This community gaming concept new in the US – already do in Europe & Asia

To build the Center it will cost $2.3 M – city has agreed to put .5M into it. The city is commited. Mike thinks grassroots can build this. Need many partnerships to make it happen.

Might also have gaming system on rooftop of building – also on E. 4th so a person could play on the street (in a kiosk).

This is not a gambling type institution. It’s gaming technology. Mike needs to educate people on commercializing gaming technology. Huge opportunity for educational applications as well. Case & Cllinic working on gaming technology for autism. Also developing videos for doctors – ex. Gall bladder surgery. The Game Hub would attract $50M to $60M in investments – Hub would be focal point of product design, development & delivery including R & D & business development, accelerate sale cycle & capital attraction for companies seeking to commercialize gaming, education, health care, financial services, aerospace & defense.

Center will not be a non profit – outsourced to a mangagement company. Outsource everything. Revenue plows back into the Center.

Open source business plan.

Also plans for a design center downtown – someone will be able create anything – office space, etc.

Music plays a very important part in gaming – should merge the two.

Show history of Cleveland – how text has changed to virtual reality


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