Tuesday, August 01, 2006

LIVE BLOG: Creative Industries Networks

Attendees includes real estate commercial development with an interest in urban development, entrepreneurship services, the creative industries, technology, law, fashion design, energy, the Museum of Natural History, manufacturing, social science, and human resources.

COSE Arts Network includes initiatives focusing on the arts incubator for ethnic arts, role playing for building honest relationship development, cultural institution development, operations professsional in manufacturing and process improvement, energy efficient housing, arts faculty, Cleveland Art Association

I-Open is based on open source development technology - sharing brainpower and building on the lessons learned for all.
How do you measure effectiveness? Social network anaylsis is one measurement tool for the second curve economy. Cleveland is home to Valdis Krebs, a global thought leader in social network analysis software and services. Learn more about InFlow here.

COSE Arts Network information - Abby Maier, forum leader

Creative industries have a significant impact on the regional economy. There are about 4,000 artists in NEO. Our region is known for rich arts assets...with a shift in funding, new questions arise. How can the region continue to support the arts industry inNEO? What can be done to further support the entrepreneurs? The partnership between CPAC and COSE started with a conversation between the directors and discovered many common needs. Artists are typically individual entrepreneurs working on their own. The solution: THE ARTIST AS AN ENTREPRENEUR - a program to support artists with the general business services.

These efforts will integrate artists networks with the businesses in NEO. Officical start of the ArtsNetwork in March 06'. Next meeting to look at IP development. An Arts Roundtable is starting to exchange new ideas and connect. COSE helps with supporting artists who want to exhibit at trade shows. Lots of other additional services and programs for artists. Stay connected to the website for upcoming information. New ideas forthcoming to take a closer look at the health insurance opportunity.

Q: What challenges do musicians have - or other artists - acquiring health insurance?
A: There is no difference in the needs of artists for health insurance from any other industry.

50 members of the arts network. 120 people signed up for the newsletter. 20,000 readership for the newsletter that is distributed by COSE.

The Arts Network is just beginning. It is a membership based organization that also strives to build collaborations. Here are some developing benefits:

Strength in numbers: group buying
Marketing tool: software tool access
Getting artists to take advantage of the tools and services that COSE offers
Energy saving program
Workers comp
Educational programming: a model - the artists entrepreneurs program...bring back topics
Start new and additional roundtables
Accessibility to work

Q: How does this benefit artists who do not have income and access to cash?...Dan Cufaro teaches a class on artists and business development.

There are three things needed for a successful initiative:

Great product
Connecting with customers

Q: How is COSE helping artists to connect to customers?

A: There is a large gap between ethics and art...artists have a wide range of needs...
Get the word out about the efforts of the COSE network and contact Abby...get more people involved who understand these areas of development...

Q: What is the immediate short term goal? A: Membership development and service offerings.
Q: Can you identify the top ten leaders of the current Arts Network?


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