Tuesday, August 22, 2006

LIVE BLOG: Open Discussion

Open Source Economic Development is based on investments in five areas of innovation: Brainpower, Innovation, Quality, Connected Places, Dialogue and Inclusion and Marketing and Branding.

Cindy Barber - Beachland Ballroom
Kevin Cronin - downtown Bike station
Jessica Columbi - Arts Campaign
Daniel Car - Dir NEO Video Initiative
Bob Sopko - STA
Jim Herget - Management theorist for the second curve
Diane Mestelski - FUTURE - Co-ordinator for FUTURE
David Moss - FUTURE
Len Steinbach - Cleveland Museum of Art
Rick Pollack - Nine Sigma

Topics for the Tuesdays@FUTURE. How can the Museum support needs and skills and capabilities?

What are the next steps involved in follow up for the forums? How can each of us follow up?

Up the through put by leveraging the FUTURE website for industrial and product design.

Dot Project - php based - will be used the projects that come into FUTURE. To include design blogs.
The biggest challenge at FUTURE Center is the professional partnership program. The incubator offers structured work on-site as well as off site real work activity.

5 projects are required for each student as they go through the curriuclum. Challenging marketing opportunities: many students are niche related...

The Business Advisory Network is an important network being built now. The Professional Partnership is a 16 week session. Research projects are welcome. Relationships are the most valuable outcome of the activities. Through a relationship with the Museum of Art virtual reality content...the sharing of resources accelerates innovation where there is initiative.

Jessica Columbi, Events & Volunteers, of the Arts & Culture Action Committee, (contact: jessicavioletta@gmail.com/216-402-7990) - introduces and reviews the upcoming Arts Levy for the Nov ballot. See the open Forum Discussion on REALNEO.US. The link also contains documentation on the specifics of the campaign. Go here.

The next steps for this forum and attendees is to vote, learn more about the initiative by reading the downloadable documents off of the link above and pass along the information.

Bumper Slogans
"Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Really Smokes", "Rollin on the Numbers for the Arts Tax", Filterless, "Arts Light Up the Region", "Fire One Up for the Arts", "The Unfiltered Truth",

Put together a gaming fund. David Carl. Need to find a pool of money - $500,000 to $2,000,000 - to match.

Reference: The Third Frontier technology grants here.

Ben Caulkins, Pres of the OH Venture Capital fund. Need to raise a fund in the next 90 days in order to qualify for a match.

XBox 360 just came up with a new platform. Train people to use it, test games and play games. Thinking of models...consulting firms came out of this market opportunity. What industry will this start? Is this a whole new start for independent users - grass roots - to start new work?

What gaming can do is very broad spectrum - 3D space is going to broaden...because 3D are the basic tools - where is the next curve on this? The new XBox is pushingnt the next level of games, democratization, programming opportunities, is the venture just simulation and gaming....or is it about getting children to

This is going to be in the forefront in 3 years...what is new and different about this frontier?

The storytelling component that is imbedded in gaming is invaluable.

Harry Potter does with books....XBox does with gaming...UTube does with

Workforce development: Artists, modelers, storytellers, musicians, Case engineering are here...just need the place. These are stories that haven't happened yet...this is the know how...the appliled side...

How do we leapfrog to the innovations? There is a need for alignment. keep the bottom wide...for initiatives that come up what is the gaming/simulation opportunity?

The trend is consumer created content. The technology is powerful enough so that an individual can initiate transformation innovation. Make the new innovations available to the masses and bank the money for advanced innovations.

What is the hook for the VC?
3 minutes, make some money, 40% per year

Where is the No 1 training center to exploit all the angles? XBox for Medical? XBox for kids in hospitals? This will attract Sony...who will provide new software, some new updates, etc. This creates a head of the pack - a skilled knowledge vortex. Find out what there is not a center of gravity for and create the center.

Jumpstart will not go for creative content for funding...but perhaps NORTECH will.

Creating the environment for gaming/simulation here will enable NEO graduates to walk across the street and open up business and fail. There is a need to fail and build. Build social philanthropy.

There is a fertile ground that needs to be created. There is a lack of seed capital and new technology clusters.

Focus on the Diabetes opportunity. Focus on developing the templates, the guides for publishing, where is the first convocation - Case, CIA, Sony - XBox affordable gaming in health...build the momenteum. Teach inner city school kids.


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