Tuesday, August 08, 2006

LIVE BLOG: STRENGTHENING Entrepreneruship Support Services Network

Brad Kleinman presents information about one of NEO's investments in the entrepreneurship support services industry.

Visit BSK Consulitng here. Brad is an entrepreneur who has started several businesses.

The Corporate College offers several different curriculums and tools. Wiki's offer collaborative platforms for online work. MindManager and 80/20 principle.

Cuyahoga College mission = growing NEO's Economy one company at a time.

Key Entrepreneurship Development Center offers a wide variety of curriuclum, programs and event planning.

On Sept 27th CC will present FASTTRAC curriculum primarily targeted toward young entrepreneurs. New, growth and tech ventures are addressed in a 10 week session. A key focus area is in technology.

A major focus is Collegiate Entrepreneurship via Entrepreneurs on the Cuyahoga.

A partnership between Corporate College and Case is a program will focus on engineering and management.

The eShow - smart tv for Smart Entrepreneurs, first Wed of every month for 30 minutes and includes podcasting

Back burner project: Game Show for Entrepreneurship

Other projects include upcoming partnerships and collaborations with the City, Chambers, Universities and Colleges, BusinessWire, Six Sigma Conference, WECO Fund, Grow Cuyahoga County Fund, COSE


Q: What is a recurring point of barrier with entrepreneurs?
A: Lack of money is a recurring point; Seed captial is rare in NEO. We need to begin thinking about how to create multiple options that combine seed and micro financing, resources, access to software and capabilities. NEO lacks an Angel Network.

August 4, 2006 - The Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) released a request for proposals (RFP) for funding awards under the Third Frontier Project's Pre-Seed Fund Initiative. The purpose of the Pre-Seed Fund Initiative is to meet the need for early stage capital through the establishment of professionally managed, pre-seed capital investment funds to Ohio start-up technology companies primarily in the imagining and incubating stages. Read more

Youngstown facility focuses on keeping entrepreneurs from locating their new companies in high-tech hotspots by offering lower business costs. Read more here.

Why not declare NEO as the entrepreneurship center of the world?


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