Friday, September 15, 2006

9/12 Forum Notes: Ripon

Tuesdays @ FUTURE 9/12/06

In attendance: Dennis Coughlin, David Moss, Diann Mistelske, David Grampa, Tom Nosek, Brad Kleinman, Councilman Joe Cimperman, Jessica Cavoletta, Troy Richards, Knut Hybinette, Kevin Cronin, Jim ?, Steve Simmons, Dan Carl, Hyunsoo Byun

5:03 Dennis Coughlin Introduces I-Open, talks about open-source

David Moss talks about agenda for next couple weeks. It will focus on gaming. FUTURE’s first Incubator winner, Game Communications, LLC is a gaming business. Owner, David Grampa will be talking next week. Dan Carl still going after Third Frontier money but needs to match $1 million. How can we help?

David gives summary of upcoming show at FUTURE, Startup Ink, opening October 13th from 6-9 pm. Show will be the first in a twice-a-year series focusing on businesses that are successful Cleveland startups. Participants in this exhibition include Alternative Press, Derek Hess, Jak Prints, GoMedia, Factory 13, Voodoo Monkey Tattoo, 252 Tattoo and Gen X Tattoos. Spring’s Startup Ink exhibition will focus on high-end design firms and botiques.

Councilman Cimperman talks about the Arts Initiative, now assigned Issue 18. If it passes, arts & culture organizations in Ohio will receive $20-22 million per year for the next 10 years. National arts money was not allotted to Ohio, so this money is crucial. There is now funded opposition by the smoking companies campaigning against this issue. More arts organizations in Ohio are in the red—now at 64, several years ago it was only 20. Money would not only benefit organizations, but could also go to individuals. This is not only money for the orchestra and dance companies, which is the myth, but also for visual arts. This is about sustainability of our arts & culture. It is proven that the arts help students learn better. The Cleveland School of the Arts graduates over 90% of it’s students and shows 100% writing and reading proficiency.

How can you help? Volunteer on Monday, September 18th at noon at the Beck Center!

October 18th will be Cuyahoga Arts & Culture day.

Knut & Troy talk about their game, Ripon. Idea formed out of series of drawings Troy created—influenced by hometown of Ripon, Wisconsin. Exploration of violence. Game took 7 months to complete. Graphics hand-drawn and then imported and digitized, giving the game a very unique look. This is the anti-game—makes us question the violence of video games. You can only play once. When your character dies, the game is over and you get a DVD of your “life.” Knut and Troy received a grant from Ingenuity and were able to exhibit this past summer. Currently looking for more funding to perfect the game. Ripon is more an art piece than a game.


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