Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Digital Airport Initiative

The Digital Airport Initiative is a regionally-based business collaboration, supported by advertising revenues, presenting regionally-based content and providing a sizable revenue return to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Congratulations to the team lead by Barbara Siss Oney on demonstrating how regional economic development should now be done: through collaboration and "strategic doing": Set a clear vision with understandable metrics ("Where are we going?"), connect interests ("Who's on the bus?"), align resources ("Who can contribute what?"), focus on practical next steps ("What's next?").

This activity demonstrates new civic habits for Northeast Ohio: balancing open participation with leadership direction.

Regions that figure out how to "link and leverage" in this way gain a major competitive advantage: speed. They will learn faster, spot opportunities faster, align resources faster, and act faster.

Check out the NEW Digital Airport Video here. Learn more about the Digital Airport Initiative here.


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