Tuesday, September 19, 2006


4:30 to 5:00 Networking

NEO Game Initiative
Strategic Technology Allliance (STA)
Green building/Real Estate development
Case Engineering School/Network development
Kent State University - School of Arts - Prof. of Fashion
Game developers

Is where gaming is happening between Case and the gaming culture. David Grampa and TYPEFRAG is a good example. David Moss met Michael DeAloia who in turn, several weeks later, connected David and David. David Grampa's Initiative is now an incubated company at FUTURE.

In 2003:
TypeFrag - is a licensed service

David Grampa is leading a second new initiative customizing the audio experience in gaming

With a $400.00 investment, the team innovated a better way of providing server service. Pricewaterhouse Coopers has predicted that by 2012 there will be over 80.2 subscribers.

Targets: more reliabe, easier to use, higher quality sound and better features.
Gamers want better things they can be using as they are gaming. The New Initiative is integrating better tools in the interface. Next steps will develop a product website and a community/social website for customers.

Demo of the New Initiative talking off site with two partners in Connecticut. They are developing the Beta site. We are comparing voice quality using Ventril (a competitor)...the competitor service is less defined.

Updates on the social site: with profiles of gamers, user information and contact/profile information. This will provide the ability to (geographically) locate other players.

Hope to have a satble version out by 2007. To target game developers so that they can integrate voice into the games and produce revenue...other bits and pieces of IP will be available for licensing (available OS for non-profits) . Will be branded as the leading voice provider.

Hope to creat a young tech community and get them interested in gaming in NEO for the future. Lure talent first and then anchor with employment and business development.

Question: How are you going to pull talent from Ventrilo? The New Initiative is connecting with sports providers - as gaming is now viewed as a sport.

The New Initiative has an exclusive with EU compnay supplier of headsets. The New Initiative will have an embedded offer with every headset purchase.

Q: What about Skype? Skype is a cllient to client; the New Initiative is Client to Server

The New Initiative will provide a searchable database of users. Q: Will you host tournaments? No. Will probably sponsor.

Q: What attracts D Grampa to FUTURE? Good rent; access to artists, Case game capabilities; artists at FUTURE.

Q: Aren't there many other opportunities in education? The New Initiative will offer a GPL license for access to different components to non profit organizations. This has been picked up by the Army but the New Initiative turned it down due to reliability issues.

Plan to use the FUTURE environment to release the Beta version. Will be hiring 2 full time and 2 part time developers to work toward a release in 2007.

Events: The Northeast Ohio Game Initiative Network: Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the Month: 5PM. Go here for more information. Contact Dan Carl at: Daniel@neogameinitiative.com


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