Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I-Open Forum October 10-

The attendees updated the group on their own activities.
  • Industrial real estate WT Tyler Building
  • Indie music - creating a Cleveland voice
  • Ingenuity celebrating creativity and technology
  • Teaching cognitive sciences and visualization
  • Bike stations - Cleveland Bikes
  • NE Ohio Video Game Initiative - video games supporting math and engineering - working on funding for a digital media initiative
  • Startup Ink & Digital media Incubator FUTURE
  • Open Source Economic Development
  • Cleveland Public Schools vocational schooling & visual arts
  • Neighborhood development in Collinwood & Waterloo - ethnic artisan & crafts initiative
  • Waterloo Arts community- growing the neighborhood
  • game design -teaching digital art
  • teaching drawing
  • collaborative innovation networks
  • Business Innovation Factory Collaborative Innovation Summit in Rhode Island
  • Nortech Innovation Awards

Midtown Brews is scheduled for December 7 -

Thursday 4pm October 12 recption at Idea Center at Playhouse Square: Steve Dietz, curatorial expert on Digital art (click here)

What can we do together that will be transformative?

Creative Economy Online click here or go to: www.creative.org.au

Collaborative innovation SummitLink click here or go to : http://www.businessinnovationfactory.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=461&Itemid=199

Rich Weiss of Ingenuity:
Ingenuity Festival celebrating arts inspired by technology, technology inspired by the arts. attendence of 80,00 despite weather, construction, and negative admonitions from the radio media. The existing image of Cleveland is often an older image: burning river, steel plants. The festival is moving from lower Prospect to Playhouse Square for 2007.

In Cleveland there are wonderful new initiatives:

  • reanimation of paralyzed muscles- helping people walk again, use arms and hands again
  • hydraulic delivery systems new ways of trucks delivering goods
  • exercise programs for astronauts- collaboration of Cleveland Clinic and NASA
  • LCD books
  • Cancer solutions

How do we leverage the arts – utilizing our cutting edge arts to promote the area, sharing creativity.

Celebrating brainpower – there are cool things going on in Cleveland.

In 2007 there is a new partnership with Cleveland State University.


There is a lack of vision of value of community benefit. The festival needs a crital mass of participants as well as attendees. Other cities are watching and waiting. Issue 18 should be helpful to support the festival.

Next steps: keep in touch with Rich Weiss with ideas on how, using strategic doing, Ingenuity may be moved forward.


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