Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Defining Gaming and our Economic Opportunities

When changes occur in markets and society new language emerges. Words and their meanings can shuffle around for months, years, decades before clarity settles - and sometimes resolution never happens.

This is the case with the emerging gaming cluster. People easily mistake "serious gaming" for "gambling". No problem. Just talk to an avid gamer and they will set you straight about the big picture and all the details.

This happened with the word "sustainability" a few years ago. What may be obvious to thought leaders who think deeply about sustainability is, at best, hazy to most other folks. (BTW, if you want to connect with cool people thinking about sustainability in NEO, just participate in Entrepreneurs for Sustainability. Visit E4S's website here.)

It's important for all of us to remember how much we know and to offer a little leeway for those who know less. So, just help people get up to speed.

Here is a post from Ed Morrison on the Brewed Fresh Daily blog with reference to gaming:

This market (gaming) provides a remarkable opportunity for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Here are some useful reports to get you up to speed:

- Excellent Overview report from Austin (published in September) Here.
- Reports available from the Entertainment Software Association. Here.
- Video Games: Serious Business for America’s Economy. Here.
- Essential Facts Here.

You can visit the entire BFD conversation here.


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