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Defrag conference to identify and connect Ohio resources and capabilities in rich media. The program is free and open to the public. Open conversations will identify program deliverables and next steps for initiatives.

The digital generation is accusomed to informaiton on demand - this kind of world takes for granted the idea of instantly connecting to information and learning opportunities.

In education, the next opportunity is to move away from teacher centered lectures. There are new interactive applications that can amplify new learning.

Lots of data to demonstrate the effectiveness of e-learning, cost-effectiveness and learner satisfaction

Medicine meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) Medical Education conference is the premier conference on emerging data-centered technologies for medical care and education. You can learn more about collaborative working groups and the application of design in MMVR's multidisciplinary forum for computer scientists and engineers, physicians and surgeons, medical educators and students, military medicine specialists, and biomedical futurists. At MMVR, developers and end-users collaborate and innovate here.

Time spent investing in creating end product development is valuable: design for the end user not for yourself. The article Digital Natives offers a good overview of the changes in learning between the last two generations.

Games create a rapid cycle of forming a hypothesis, experimentation and analysis. In a successful game, these fundamental steps of critical thinking are embedded.

New language application includes: serious based learning application as opposed to "serious gaming"

The pedagogue strives to teach something new to the user so that power can be transfered to enable others.

Tower of Learning is a project to teach students about Clinical Cancer Genetics. This program will be implemented in 2007 for undergraduate students. They are experimenting with At&T voices provided by CrazyTalk.

To Tom's knowledge there is no other similar application in education.

Students seek to interact with several others at once. Second Life is one platform that has developed IP to do this and Tom and his team will be exploring how the Tower of Learning can leverage Decond LIfe. This platform is big on simulation and very appealing to women.

Even though Tower of Learning is Pass/Fail the production team is integrating ways to improve quality of learning.

Other models for gaming and business development:

This model leverages many links to resources and models that are successful and informative. One slide of chromosomes links directly to the Human Genome Project and provides deep information about each chromosomes.

By the third floor, designed activities attached to learning objectives are introduced. The various resources (linked) are leveraged for points awarded to the participants. The focus is on learning and application of information in a game format (interactive and fun).

The objective is to ceate a comprehensive environment with interactive activities. The subsequent survey responses indicated a high level of acceptance. Students desire fun and a high level of challenge. Another challenge is to create environments that other students can occupy at the same time. Aware if a potential to include adaptive learning. The project needs to be finished in one year. They would like to integrate the benefits of collaborative learning. The students must engage the material and assimilate the skill required.

When the medical school created the e-curriculum, many students stopped attending classes. The Professor required students attend the class and respond on their computers. Over time the 50% of students who did participate this way, learned significantly more than those who did not. Proving that for a higher level of learning there needs to be interactivity with the material.

Customization is the key to meet the needs of the constituents and the content material. Tom does not use "vanilla" apps because the product has been created with one target in mind. The experiential component is also a high value.

Jesse Schell is a leading designer of games. Following working at Disney, he now teaches at Carnegie Mellon. Jesse's private company is Schell Games.

Austin, Texas has produced this paper on the economic impact of Austin's entertainment software/digital media industry. Go here.

Q: this model challenges teachers to present information in a new way. Is there an application for teachers?
A: When you are trying to communicate these new applications to large numbers of teachers there is significant opposition. The students will be the ones, probably, to forward these "new" concepts.

ION Medical Designs, Inc. - a multimedia publishing company located in another state. Baldwin Wallace Business Clinic is supporting the business development of this company. BW has been very helpful in strategizing how these efforts can be leveraged to make m oney. Case University is not interested in developing these materials. ION is negotiating with Case to further develop and market appllications created at Case during Tom's tenure as Director of Informatics.

The opportunity is to customize applications based on individual Professor materials.

Funding: Small Business Administration Grants SBIR and STTR with funding going to small companies who then collaborate with colleges or universities. Translational research is criticzed by NIH for being too slow in translation. NIH is requiring marketing criteria to guarantee company success.

DxR Group

Opportunities: First Response Opportunity,


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