Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Bob Sopko, Strategic Technology Alliance (STA) collaborate on purchasing and leverage assets as a community and technology at Case Western Reserve.

Today's leaders are the team at Meet The Bloggers: George Nemeth, Gloria Ferris, Tim Ferris

Mathew Book, Studio of Five Rings an arts/winery based gallery looking for ways to work collaboratively in art and winery. Art show up to Jan 6.

That Blogs arise out of necessity. To address a lack of access to mainstream media and communications. Weblog was first used in 1997. Tim and Glore experimented with blogging and its affect on their ability to communicate with the public.

Meet The Blogggers was started with Bill Callahan, ....at the time of the Mayoral race, minor candidates had no access to media. The group wanted to provide information out about the candidates earlier and to explore unanswered questions. Each person brings a different and multiple perspectives; contrasting to mainstream media which may offer a limited number of viewpoints and may be published unsigned.

Through conversations and connectivity of the Blogging community the extremes of the blogging community can often align with synergy. Materials, now that there is a year and one half history, are often referred to.

Candidates that may be interviewed ask for a list of questions....may set guidelines for what is to be discussed....

George has identified about 500 Blogs in NEO.

Anyone who posts on the Internet should consider all information as public. The Creative License is the appropriate

Dr. John Green, for example, thinks that within 8 years there will be a political third party because of the Internet.

There is a huge number of people who have wonderful ideas but not access, not controlled by one or a small number of controlling managers.

This is like the printing presses - but it morphs, moves quickly and evolves.

The Blogging community is trying to avoid the financial dependence that newspapers are limited by. This is an evolving platform that becomes whatever it is. Zen like.

Since the beginning of Meet The Bloggers, the group has been capturing images. You can zero in on the culture here.

George: People will listen for about 10 minutes.

The You Tube phenomena is fascinating and this is a format, interwoven with the other formats that can be interconnected.

Here's a summary - Like to collaborate with other multimedia bloggers. Would like to distribute more widely - Live CD runs exclusive to the hard drive. This platform provides the speed and scale for others to practice the interviews too.

How can a platform, ultimately, be leveraged in new ways to support large change?

How can Meet The Bloggers (and blogging in general) be leveraged as a research mechanism? Chalep Hill NC community set up rules and guidelines for their blogging community. Here.

The issue is in the mangagement of huge quantities of information. This is where the value is now. From dated information to data to knowledge. The closer you get to the pinacle the higher the value.

Bob Sopko listened to a MTB interview with Dennis Althur. Go here.


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