Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Spyglass Green Marketing: Jim DiFrangia contact: jimd@spyglassgreenmarketing.com
Knut Hybinette
Abby Maier/COSE Arts Network
Norm Roulet SevenGen/REALNEO
Len Steinbach
Sarah Taylor/First Wind Farm
Shaker Lakes Nature Center
Nancy King Smith/Oct 19-21 Beeming BionEeurs
Bemia Bralie - create performances in public spaces/create energy out of solar
Entrepreneurs Edge - young people connected around sustainability
David Moss - Director, FUTURE
Sudhir Ragupathy
James Levine/Ingenuity
Rich Weiss/Ingenuity
Dick Clough
Tom Pool/graphic designer Holden Arboretum
Kevin Cronin/ Cleveland Bikes

James Levine: Showcase and celebrate technology and art. 2005 arts and tech fesitval - installations, exhibits...ramped up in 2006....in 2007 the Festival will focus on Playhouse Square and the festival will ramp up to be a truly formalized art and technology event. Want to show by example how Ingenuity cn be an icon for new ways to synthisize collaborations between technology and art. A model like the Spoleto Festival, for example.

Sudhir Ragupathy: became involved with efforts to "greenerize" the Ingenuity Festival. By building his connections with other like-minded people around sustainability, a Green Team was formed. Sudhir thinks in terms of a holistice view of Quality of Life by facilitating positive outcomes in Technology, Health, Entrepreneruship, Sustainability, Arts, Education, Environment. This reflects a systems approach to change. A synergistic approach helps to identify commonalities and align efforts.

John: interested in measuring and quantifying results in the 2007 Festival

Sudir: Ingenuity would like to benchmark sustainable practices. The Olympics has become a green practicing event and provides a good model. Some categories for metrics to be developed around: emmission, water, waste, energy

Direct Stakeholders/InDirect Stakeholders:

Q: How do you tell the story about the potential impact of Ingenuity activities on those you might not know of or expect.

Contact: info@everythingenergy,org

Some conversations around Ingenuity: how do the activities associated with Ingenuity sustain before, during and after the festival?

Are there companies connected who can talk about how their work interconnects with the Ingenuity activities?

Sarah Taylor: Miller and -- to display demonstration practices for rainbarrel use in homeowner's property

Jim Herget: Why not have a Green Home on display?

Andrew Watterson, City of Cleveland, Cleveland Public Power. What are the sponsorship oportunities? TCPI.com Aurora based company supplier to Lowe's for energy efficient compact florescence bulbs.

Bike activities - Kevin Cronin: Encouraging bikers from the suburbs to ride to the Fesitval. Other ideas: bike based taxi service; truck version of the same.

City Wheels; Myers Motors; Whole Foods

Have opportunities for connection with government and other business leaders available. Local government officials invited to participate; cutting edge researchers to display new and developing IP.

Kurtz Bros.

What are our next steps? What do we need to tomorrow?

Connect with Ingenuity if you would like to contribute to the festival in terms of time. money, ideas.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Movie links to Robotics in Surgery

Check out the Google page for updates on Surgery Robotics at Stanford University here.

Be sure to cruise the side bars of similar content.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Simple gifts

Here is an example of people's passions and generosity comming together for the benefit of the larger good. With the offering of simple examples of science and digital media working well together, this is how one science teacher has chosen to make a difference with raising people's awareness about their place in the universe.

Here is the trail of discovery:

1) The Climate Project site - connected to Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth campaign to,

2)the Climate Project's sponsor entity, Participate to,

3)a blogger offering free science pictures off of Participate's blogging page here.

The cool science/digital media link here.

One of a Thousand Inconvenient Truth Leaders...

Don't miss this week's 2007 Midtown Brews Series kick off conversation -

Thursday, January 11, 2007

''Our Global Imperative,'' conversation is lead by Jeff Friedman, partner in Webtego, an Ohio based technology company. Jeff is one of a thousand Inconvenient Truth National Leaders telling the story about planet sustainability challenges and solutions. You can learn more about The Climate Project here.

Once again, the Brews open conversation will partner with Meet The Bloggers.

[Note: Meet the Bloggers can be accessed at this address ]